What is the range?

The range is a realistic copy of the Internet, several corporate networks, hacker sites, nation state actors, simulated users, and other tools and technologies designed for training and exercises, product testing, threat modeling, and software testing and development.

What will it do for me?

The training scenarios and exercises combine live, virtual, and simulated events within a private network. The range makes use of this platform to model threat events pulled directly from the headlines. The combined effects immerse individuals into complicated cyber warfare activities to train how to properly detect, respond, and mitigate a variety of threats. We use the same hacking tools and tactics as the adversary. You will be required to protect the business processes and systems while working in a contested environment.




Capture the flag

Learning through competition. Sharpen your skills against other security professionals and students. Respond to attacks while defending your critical business applications and data.

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Courseware Development

We tailor the content and technology to provide customized professional education and training on relevant tools that deliver measurable results.

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Offensive Cyber Training

It's not just tools, infrastructure, and defensive components. It's about  compliance pursuant to legal and ethical bounds. It's about capability development.

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Next Steps...

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