New England Cyber Range

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Incident Response Leadership Development

Hack the Planet Cyber Warfare Simulation

Rapid Skill Development for Technical Response

Why Choose Us?

  • Challenge you in a contested network environment
  • Help you recognize threats as they occur
  • Develop your leadership, skill & speed for incident response

Live and Simulated Cyber Range like the military

Live Fire Experiences

We bring the adversaries to you! 

In person and lurking in the environment, you will experience:

  • Cyber attacks from multiple vectors
  • Multiple network misconfigurations 
  • Multiple security strategies & techniques

Fast track and rapid deployment cyber training

Elevate Your Game

Elevate your game in a compressed time frame.  You will be exposed to scenarios that will impact your performance: 

  • Improved recognition and reaction skills
  • Improved readiness when incidents occur 
  • Build confidence in your team 

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New England Cyber Range

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