Open Cyber Range Exercises

Incident Response Leadership Development

Live Attack Cyber Range Training Events


You already have cyber security experience but are you prepared to address incidents across your organization or command the incident response team when it's deployed? This one day event will put you through the paces of leading a response team including the Incident Response Manager, Security Analysts, even the Threat Team as you work through several problem sets. 

You'll be responsible for addressing the threats and managing the cross-functional support needed to execute a proper incident response plan. Each group will require unique responsibilities during the incident and you'll need to communicate within and across these teams. 

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Hack the Planet Cyber Warfare Simulation

Cyber War Range Training


This introductory course will examine the unique properties of cyberspace, what role it can play in the civilian sector, and the role it takes in military operations. This course will expose you to the proliferation of open source attack tools, tactics, and techniques that can be leveraged by organized crime and others against you. 

You'll examine laws like the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act while you work through your own online retribution actions. 

You'll prepare and launch activities required to protect and repel those uninvited guests on your networks.

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Rapid Skill Development and Technical Response

Cyber Range Training for deploying new hires


Welcome to the introductory "Rapid Skill Development" experience.  This three day event will cover:

  • Security data analysis
  • Network forensic techniques
  • Data protection practices

You'll take control of the network, security monitoring, threat and vulnerability services, and more. You'll start your day getting use to the systems and learn about reviewing events. Well teach you how to:

  • Analyze logs with Bro
  • Examine netflow data
  • Conduct vulnerability analysis

There are no prerequisite skills needed to participate in this course other than good (basic) technology background. Space is limited. 

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Special Events

MIT Executive Program: Applied Cyber Security - June 27, 2018

The New England Cyber Range will be conducting a realistic cyber attack scenario and incident response session as part of MIT's cyber security training event for executives.

Becker College Cyber Summer Program - June 28

The New England Cyber Range is proud to participate and conduct a cyber security training event for the the Girls STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Summer Day Camp at Becker College.  The program is an intensive, onsite and hands-on introduction to game programming and design for girls in grades 7 through 12.  The goal of the program is to inspire, lead, encourage, and spark an interest in game programming  and STEAM  subjects for girls.  We are very excited to see that cyber security is being integrated into this event. 

Primex 3 Cyber Risk Conference September 2018

Individual case studies do not fully capture the ever changing cyber risk landscape. You may have read or witnessed the events in Atlanta or Portsmouth, but in both cases the underlying exposure to phishing illustrates the challenges that these risks pose. The New England Cyber Range is participating in a full day of security strategies and examples of how best to protect your data.

Past Events

Cambridge 2 Cambridge Cyber Security Challenge

The New England Cyber Range hosted the prequalification event. The C2C CTF online qualifying round took place onApril 6 to April 8, 2018. Qualifying students from other universities competed in a three-day challenge.

Joint Cyber Range Experience

Demonstrations conducted for both organizations.

Range demonstrations conducted for both organizations.

Mass State CETC

Massachusetts Cyber Education Training Colloquium (CETC) 

April and May 2018

Cyber Yankee

June 7th Distinguished Visitor Day

Joe Provost and Paul Paget were invited to observe Cyber Yankee 2018 and share their insights into closing the  talent gap.  Cyber Yankee is a realistic cyber exercise for National Guard Cyber Defense Teams to further train and apply their skills as cyber defenders.