New England cyber range services

New England Cyber Range in action

Cyber Range Experiences

Cyber Range  experiences are offered at our Devens, MA facility.  Our programs offer multiple live fire scenarios plus the ability for teams to work together.  This makes it possible to practice in a real world setting as a group.  This is VERY different than solo experiences in self paced Computer Based Training (CBT) or Capture the Flag (CTF) style events.  Program offerings are designed for different levels including experienced security professionals, new hires (recent graduates), and executives.   Range experiences can be further tailored to specific industries and applications.  The range is located centrally in New England at Devens, MA within 1 hour of Boston and Hartford.

Range Test Your Systems

Unleash the range on your operational systems.  The New England Cyber Range has real networks and adversaries.   It is a very effective environment to safely  test your operational systems.  We configure the range to host your image or system and expose it to our simulated world. You can watch what happens under multiple scenarios and we will help you determine strategies to implement. Consider the range as a unique opportunity for you to expose your mission critical systems, new products or upgrades before you do so in the real world.  

Cyber Range Comes to You!

The New England Cyber Range comes to you!  We will customize an experience for your organization.  One time or on going, The New England Cyber Range can be your organization's on site range experience.    We will deliver an experience for your security experts, new hires and/or one for your executives.   We know how to to deliver a program tailored to your requirements,  For as little as a one week commitment we are ready to roll to your facility.  

Custom Services

In addition to our core service offerings above we are available to discuss specific training requirements unique to your organization.